Monday, October 27, 2008


phys⋅i⋅og⋅no⋅my [fiz-ee-og-nuh-mee, -on-uh-mee] The art of determining character or personal characteristics from the form or features of the body, esp. of the face.

Between my scheduled appointments, I had some time shoot some NYC street photography. I sat with my coffee on Broadway this morning and tried to think of what to shoot.
Everywhere I looked, tourists were shooting the same sites and scenes as me. I wanted something unique. I don't get inspired to shoot architecture much and I don't have a reputation of a pure photojournalist, but I do get hyped up by people. So I decided to use a small white background to capture a few NY faces. Maybe it was the coffee, but I felt energized when I had a goal. So here are some people who graciously shared their faces for my anthroposcopy.


John Johnston said...

Those are beautiful photos Bryce. Very nice work.

Bryce Boyer Photography said...

Thanks John!

bplarson said...

love the 4th one down especially.

Bryce Boyer Photography said...

Thanks. I love both or your work, so your comment means a lot!

Mark Stevens Photography said...

these are awesome, all of them!