Monday, March 31, 2008

Eric Lombardi for Newsweek Magazine

Paul from Newsweek Magazine asked me to shoot a portrait of Eric Lombardi who runs a company out of Boulder called Eco Cycle. Started by a couple of hippies back in the day, this is now a serious business that is getting some much needed press. I learned more about recycling in the afternoon spent at EcoCycle than I have in year. The thing they do different is they recycle "hard to recycle" products such as computers, plastic bags, shoes, clothing, books, etc. These guys are the real deal... they have a heart for keeping the environment green.

The final image looks so simple but it was a complex set. Would OSHA approve?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Charles Carlson for Bicycling Magazine

Stacey from Bicycling Magazine has been so kind to me... You rock Stacey! Here's another fun assignment. Charles Carlson rides 500 miles a week... often from Boulder to Rocky Mountain National Park (and back)- a 100 mile solo ride with 10,000 ft. of elevation gain in 5 hours. The guy is FAST. In fact, he could be one of the best racers in the country, but he says he loves cycling too much. He does it just for the love of it.

I was asked to photograph Charles riding and looking fast, combined with a portrait. Right up my alley. I love assignments like this. I spent part of an afternoon dangling out the back of a truck photographing a really cool guy getting his workout. Of all the celebrity athletes I shoot, I have to say cyclists are the nicest. Thanks Charles for a great day and some dynamic images!

Here are some production stills compliments of my assistant Randall

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crocs CEO Ron Snyder for Inc Magazine

Inc Magazine's Kate called on me to photograph Ron Snyder the CEO of Crocs.  Do you ever have one conversation with someone and just know they are a great person?  That's how I felt when I got off the phone with Kate.  That same vibe flowed to the end of the job.  Thanks Kate for being so cool!

Despite the location being very boring and corporate, we made the mag happy with two options shot in about 5 minutes with a very busy guy.  In and out... I used to work for this great photographer Steve Seeger who called it "combat photography."

Production stills by my assistant Randall:

Nice picture of my butt and our usual cart of stuff.

This is the challenge: Isolate the subject and light the shot in a way that doesn't say corporate headquarters, USA.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Good Soldier

I shot the March 20th cover and a spread for Westword Magazine for art director Jay Vollmar. The story was about how many veterans of the war in Iraq are not getting the medical benefits they deserve and how one man, Andrew Pogany, is fighting for their rights. When Jay asked if I would be interested in the story I jumped on board. I shot a still life for the cover and a few people who's lives have been effected by the injuries in the war. I photographed Teresa in Colorado Springs... her husband had a brain injury that is internal and is effecting his temperament. She is left to run all the aspects of their home while he is in a hospital in California. She learned recently that he may never leave the hospital.

These young kids are coming back with major baggage and their stories need to be heard. Andrew Pogany is representing injured troops who are not getting the help they deserve.