Friday, February 8, 2013

The Blog is dead.

If you haven't noticed... I haven't blogged for a while. If you want to follow the exciting new current events of my studio, find me on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fresh off the Griddle

I took two images from our recent Colorado Lifestyle Shoots, River Love and Beach Fun, and enhanced them for portfolio prints. Here's where I ended the day.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Colorado River Love

It was a long and busy winter here in Denver, but Spring is in now in full bloom! We had a break in our hectic schedule, so this week we have been shooting images of fun summer outdoor lifestyle in Colorado. We went to a local river canyon and did a shoot with two of my favorite models Ben and Charlene.

Here are a few "behind the scenes" images:
Schlepping the gear to our location.
A boulder for a scrim frame tie-down.
Nicky Lee, our makeup artist.

Checking files in the Village Blackout Tent and changing room.
Special Thanks go to Spencer Reudelhuber & Paige Morris (above) for assisting!
Models from Maximum Talent: Ben and Charlene
Hair and Makeup: Nicky Lee

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Colorado Beach Fun

Spring is here and we are taking every advantage to get out in the sun!
Here's another day of shooting Colorado Outdoor Lifestyle photos.

Wess Ferguson, master of all things digital and Georgia Benjou

Models by Maximum Talent: Justin, Shane, Meg, and Brittany
Wardrobe: Georgia Benjou
Hair and Makeup: Nicky Lee
Digtal Tech: LA Digital Assistant Wess Ferguson
Assistant: Spencer Reudelhuber

Friday, April 9, 2010

5280 Magazine March Fashion Spread

Here's a fun 8 page spread I shot for 5280 Magazine. At a pre production meeting with the PE, AD, and Fashion Editor, we looked over several stylistic directions the spread could go. After learning that the wardrobe would have a '70s vibe, we decided to shoot for a clean background and minimal, but stellar hair and makeup (i.e. no wigs, etc.). I was thinking a lot about Richard Avedon's jumping models shot in the '60s and '70s.
We shot a casting, specifically looking for someone fresh and unique, with a high fashion figure and hair that could have that '70s vibe. After sifting through heaps of beautiful Denver models, we found Jordan.
At the casting, we gave each model a chance to move and grove to some thumping bumping beats. Not only is Jordan striking, but she has a very natural grace to the way she moves. She made small leaps and flowing steps look elegant and effortless. That's not easy to do in 5 inch heals.

To freeze the motion, we used Profoto 7As and a D4
Photo Editor: Sarah LaVigne
Art Director: Alese Pickering Becket
Hari and Makeup: Matthew Morris
Fashion Editor and Wardrobe: Georgia Benjou

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Shoot

This year is quickly coming to an end! If my blog posts are sparse, that means I'm crazy busy and that's a good thing! Don't think I don't love you for checking out my blog!

This year came to a close with some terrific jobs and wonderful clients. Forgive me for not keeping my blog updated. But when it comes to the end of a long day I have a choice to make: blog or be a good dad and husband - it's a no brainer; my family will always get my attention over my blog.

Anyhow, here's a quick still from a "behind the scenes" video of a recent shoot. I can't post details until later, but I just wanted to say how much I'm loving the studio's new Hasselblad P45 system! Lots of pixels to push around.

Here, we are shooting with a full digital lab in the Village Blackout Tent. On a bright sunny day in the snow, it would have been impossible to see a computer screen. In the tent, the art director and I can examine every pixel as we shoot and my digital tech can alert me to any issues that might come up.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Special Olympics & Broncos Billboards in the News

Channel 7 News in Denver mentions my billboards in this video. Thanks for sending this Eric!
See the complete blog and more pictures at this link.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti Relief Photography

The Earthquake in Haiti happened while I was shooting a job in Las Vegas last week for Cricket. The images pouring in really moved me. When I returned to Denver I got a call to shoot an airlift of 18 Metric Tons of emergency supplies leaving DIA from the WoldVision Warehouse VIA FedEx. I teamed up with fiend and photographer Don Cudney to shoot video and stills of the airlift for WorldVision from 12:30 AM to 4 AM. All the FedEx employees were volunteering their time to load the plane.

I just got this email from World Vision:

"Just wanted to give you some great feedback! Our Senior Vice President of
Engagement and Communications asked that we tell you that she
loved the work you did for the airlift in Denver. I don't think I've ever
heard her give feedback like that before!

So thank you for all your great work- in the middle of the night even!

Also, one of your images was selected to send to CNN, with some other World
Vision photos so keep an eye out for that!"

If you would like to donate to the relief effort, here's World Vision's LINK

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Bone Collector

Here's a nice portrait of Dr. Charles Musiba of CU I shot for 5280 Magazine. Musiba is from one of my favorite countries, Tanzania. I would love to follow him on his quest for the worlds oldest footprints. Why footprints? Footprints tell how prehistoric man walked and could answer some nagging questions about evolution and early man.

Photo Editor: Sarah LaVigne
Art Director: Alese Pickering Becket

Denver Snow Show

Some recent Visit Denver tourism photography. We shot this as a pitch to push illustrate some concepts to a client. The client went another direction in the end, but we had some fun.

Art Director: Sean Topping
Agency: Karsh + Hagen
Copywriter: Matt Ingwalson