Friday, April 9, 2010

5280 Magazine March Fashion Spread

Here's a fun 8 page spread I shot for 5280 Magazine. At a pre production meeting with the PE, AD, and Fashion Editor, we looked over several stylistic directions the spread could go. After learning that the wardrobe would have a '70s vibe, we decided to shoot for a clean background and minimal, but stellar hair and makeup (i.e. no wigs, etc.). I was thinking a lot about Richard Avedon's jumping models shot in the '60s and '70s.
We shot a casting, specifically looking for someone fresh and unique, with a high fashion figure and hair that could have that '70s vibe. After sifting through heaps of beautiful Denver models, we found Jordan.
At the casting, we gave each model a chance to move and grove to some thumping bumping beats. Not only is Jordan striking, but she has a very natural grace to the way she moves. She made small leaps and flowing steps look elegant and effortless. That's not easy to do in 5 inch heals.

To freeze the motion, we used Profoto 7As and a D4
Photo Editor: Sarah LaVigne
Art Director: Alese Pickering Becket
Hari and Makeup: Matthew Morris
Fashion Editor and Wardrobe: Georgia Benjou

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