Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Matt Holiday for Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated asked me to photograph my third "SI Players" full page portrait in January. The subject? Matt Holiday- Denver's 23 million dollar Rockies star player. My sister almost fainted when I told her. She's a big fan. Girls love Matt. Sorry ladies... he's a real family man.

Matt's PR guy, Jay, was the nicest PR guy I've dealt with yet... the way they should be. He made sure we had the access, the location, the information, and the time I needed to walk away with some nice shots. You would think PR guys would want to help you get a good photograph for Sports Illustrated... unfortunately, it's usually the opposite. Jay was great and deserves a shout out... Thanks Jay!

Matt was really down to earth... we chatted and compared notes about our kids. He takes his son to practice as much as possible... like I said, he's a real family guy. I love it... he seems to be able to "keep it real" despite his celebrity status.
My assistant Caleb and I set up our key shot and then prepped some gear to do some shots from the hip. SI chose one of those pictures of Matt sitting in a booth. It seemed to capture his relaxed and approachable character.
I don't ask for signatures, but Matt gave me a signed ball for my sister when I told him she was a big fan... she nearly hit the ceiling when I gave it to her. Thanks Matt.

Here is our set for the shot with the bricks that are typical of Coors Field

January Politics

How do you get two competing Congressmen- one republican and one democrat- onto the same set for a personal debate photo op.? You don't... it just ain't gonna happen. 5280 Magazine contacted me to photograph (I can't say "shoot") the two congressmen in two locations. My job was to recreate the same lighting for both sets and to get Congressmen Bob Schaffer and Gary Udall to gesture light heartedly- as if in a friendly debate.

Both shoots were typical of high profile politicos... super fast and short. Writer Patric Doyle was on set to follow up the shoot with an interview. Both politicians could turn on the charm for the camera and both were surprisingly trusting.

Udall impressed me with the claim to have climbed most of the fourteeners in Colorado.

Art Director: Mike Leister
Photo Editor: Steffanie Woodward