Thursday, September 3, 2009

5280 Kids

Aleah Vigil, 14 - Student Activist

You may recall a few posts back that I posted some pictures from a personal series called "Generation Lost." I had been playing with some post production techniques creating custom "wallpapers" to cross the line between illustration and photography. 5280 Magazine came to me and wanted me to photograph some special kids with special talents for their August 09 Kids Guide to Denver.

I pitched an idea that we could use this illustrative process to make the children look like saints using props relating to their interests. For instance, in the shot above, I took a single image of a bullhorn and created "flowers" for a student activist. All of these shots were shot natural light in the new studio on plane jane colored backgrounds.

5280 Mag took some risk and let me depart from the "safe shot" on colored background to make it something more. Thanks for the trust guys. I'm using a lot of "Quotes" in this post.

Davis Bryant, 9
(The next Tiger Woods?)

Hazel Allison, 11 - Bug Enthusiast

Isaac Crewse, 7 - Has severe asthma, but is running a Marathon - One mile at a time

Art Director: Alese Pickering Becket
Photo Editor: Steffanie Woodword