Thursday, April 22, 2010

Colorado River Love

It was a long and busy winter here in Denver, but Spring is in now in full bloom! We had a break in our hectic schedule, so this week we have been shooting images of fun summer outdoor lifestyle in Colorado. We went to a local river canyon and did a shoot with two of my favorite models Ben and Charlene.

Here are a few "behind the scenes" images:
Schlepping the gear to our location.
A boulder for a scrim frame tie-down.
Nicky Lee, our makeup artist.

Checking files in the Village Blackout Tent and changing room.
Special Thanks go to Spencer Reudelhuber & Paige Morris (above) for assisting!
Models from Maximum Talent: Ben and Charlene
Hair and Makeup: Nicky Lee

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Paige L. Morris said...

The Photos turned out great Bryce! That was a really cool experience!

Paige Morris