Sunday, October 26, 2008


Things have been so steady and strong for me this year that I decided to drop all my photo related priorities this weekend and focus on my greatest relationship ever, my family. It's been a great weekend, and an exhausting one too.

I've grown in appreciation for anyone who has two or more young kids in NYC. Getting around the town with a double stroller is quite a chore. We have literally walked for 12 hours at a time both days. Its great exercise, but it's left me beat.

My friend Mark made a comment about Manhattan and I concur. He said that while you are in The City, you feed on the energy that's all around you. But when you get back to your apartment and all the stimulus gets unplugged, it's easy to get wiped out. So true.

So, I don't have much imagery to show for the weekend, and it's fine with me. There's no greater reward than the closeness I've felt with my family. It's a balance worth pursuing.


Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous picture of one of my sweetest friends. Sounds like your time together was even sweeter.


Bryce Boyer Photography said...

Do you mean the time with Christie or the cupcake was sweet? haha. I'd have to agree, she's a hottie!