Monday, November 24, 2008

Many Me

I have a client that wants to shoot twelve people that can't be in the same place at the same time.  I shot this test today to see if I could pull it off in my studio.  

I didn't light this... just threw up single hot-light and started jumping around with the self timer.  I then composited the images together using layer masks.  I put this together in 45 minutes.  I learned a lot about how to pull this off. Yes, there are things to perfect... I can't wait to shoot the real thing.  

I love that my job challenges me to learn new things everyday.  It stretches me... and multiplies me.  Ha ha.


katelynsimkins said...

I love it! Somedays I bet you wish there were that many of you! You are keeping busy man!

So, I think we need to go out for a cup of coffee ... I heard that Jill Vincent has moved away - and there may be some more makeup work at 5280 available??? Plus - we need to set up a fun free-time shoot to get creative anyway.

Take care, and hopefully we'll speak soon.

james elliott said...

Can you send a couple of you's down for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Many yous? How wonderful. The world would certainly be a better place.