Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Design Party shoot.

In December's issue of 5280 Magazine, I have a spread of pictures shot for a story about a non-traditional holiday party. There was enough sushi at the shoot to sink a ship.

The party featured neighbors, friends, and professional peers who often get together throughout the year. The mix of friends brings smorgasbord of backgrounds and thus a little of everything. A traditional holiday party is out of the question.

This shoot was unique because I lit and shot the whole party with hot lights instead of strobes. I wanted to create a warm and natural light that would feel "real" and not "lit."

Art Directors: Mike Leister and Alese Pickering Becket
Photo Editor: Steffanie Woodward

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jasonjyee said...

Who did the food styling? I've got a chef friend who wanted to get into that, but doesn't think there's enough food photo business to make it a viable career here in denver.