Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trees Through the Forest

It's been a while since I added anything. I've been so busy wading through menial tasks that it's hard to see progress. I've gotta get out of the trees, and that's what blogs are great for.

So what's up?
-I've had a few editorial shoots, but I can't publish them here until they're published.
-I've been generating some estimates for some sweet jobs... cross your fingers.
-I've taken countless trips to the new studio to make decisions with contractors. (next post)
-I've also been working tirelessly, trying to take some advantage of some down time to design a new website that I will be publishing shortly. It has actually been a joy to go though 15 hard drives looking for images for the site that have a thread of continuity. I'm just a bit surprised at how long this process has taken. There's still so much more to look through!

I'm not ready to publish the site yet, but here are some of my travel images that will be on the site. I used to have a "travel" link on an old web site and I'm resurrecting the thought on my new site.

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