Friday, February 27, 2009

Thanks NDAC!

I just read the New Denver Ad Club's newsletter and I'm so thrilled to have volunteered to help with the Super Ad Sunday promotional pictures. Check out this blurb...

"Great Shots Make Great Events"

"One of the best things about Super Ad Sunday was the campaign that promoted the event. The campaign featured photographs taken by Bryce Boyer, one of Denver's best shooters. Hunkered down behind the camera like Las Vegas Elvis, Bryce transformed the patron son of Denver advertising, Jim Glynn, into the cynical and acerbic Ad Ref. "I was happy to help the NDAC promote the event." said Bryce, "It was a bonus we got so many good shots. And we discovered Jim Glynn has a hidden talent for modeling, too."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to get work

If you are like me and you would rather be working than wondering where your next check is going to come from, I'll let you in on my top secret formula:

1. Start remodeling a studio with costs that could crush you and will require daily check ups on contractors who will give you daily homework. I'm at the new studio at least 2 hours, almost every day to answer questions and push and prod.

2. Plan a vacation. This never fails for me! If you really want a big job, plan one somewhere with nonrefundable deposits and no cell phone reception.

3. Pray hard. I don't know about you, but I get the willies some nights and just can't sleep. When I'm wondering how I'm going to make it another month, I pray. With all the expenses of this new studio I find myself asking for help more than ever.

And guess what! This formula has worked this month for sure! Besides shooting two more magazine covers in the last month and an assignment for the Wall Street Journal, I'm in the thick of moving my studio and producing a MONSTER job for Johnson and Johnson. I'm supposed to move into the new studio Saturday and then head off again to sunny California... it's going to be a marathon month of shooting.

The pressure is cookin' and I'm super thankful. I'm thankful for the work and also to have teamed up with two super producers, Bill Anderson of Slanted Eye Productions and Lisa Schrag. Bill has been working around the clock to meet our impossible deadlines for the California leg of this job. Lisa is producing the Colorado shoots.
There is no way I could pull this all off without this fantastic team! Thanks Bill and Lisa!

If I can surface for air, I will try to post pix soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It feels like I've been swimming up stream all day today.  Everything that I've needed to get done has been met with obsticles and diversions.  The smallest tasks that should have taken 10 minutes seemed to explode into 2 hour ordeals.  

By some some freakish accident, I stumbled across a link to an old friend's video blog online.  I don't usually pimp other photographers' work here, but Zack's video seemed to set my day straight.  It starts out slow, but the last 2/3rds what caught me off guard and reminded me of some things that all us creatives need to be retold. You can watch it here.  Thanks Zack.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Denver's Top Singles for 5280 Magazine

Hot off the press, 5280's Romance Issue.

5280 Magazine
Art Director: Mike Leister
Photo Editor: Steffanie Woodward
Wardrobe: Georgia Benjou
Makeup: Jennifer Samuel
Assistant, Randall Bellows
Model: Jill Hodges

This is actually a milestone.  Since the Top Singles issue runs every other year, this cover marks the 3rd anniversary of my first cover with this fabulous Denver Magazine.  Tomorrow, I'm shooting my 10th cover for 5280.  Thank you Mike, Steff, Alese, Max, and Dan for an awesome three years!

Remember "Many Me"?

This Spread started to take shape last November. I scouted the most amazing loft that would have been my first choice as alocation to shoot these "panoramics" of Denver's Top Singles for 5280 Magazine. However, as we approached the shoot date, it soon became apparent that some of the people would not be able to come to my studio in the two days of scheduled shoots. Furthermore, (without a lot of distortion) shooting a wide panoramic of 12 people wasn't an option.

To solve this problem, I used a wall at my Osage studio and shot four groups of 6. I carefully measured and locked down two heavy-duty tripods about 20 feet apart and sandbagged them so they wouldn't move. The center of the image falls in the gutter of the two page spread, so it worked well to hid any minor imperfections when I stitched the two photos together. I roughly tested the idea and you can see the results here.

Here are the final two panoramas.  Three of the people in the following 4 photographs were shot separately and two heads were grabbed from other images to get the best expressions.  

The singles include: former Colorado first lady Frances Owens, now executive VP for community affairs for the Galloway Group; Denver's 7 reporter Jane Slater; Jill Hodges, graphic designer and TV host for New Media's; Denver Foundation's Lauren Casteel; Merrill Lynch VP Marti Awad; former Denver District Attorney Norm Early; Colorado Avalanche forward Wojtek Wolski; The Huffington Post columnist Waylon Lewis; gay activist and aspiring ski bum Daniel Gonzales and Sukle Advertising owner Mike Sukle.

Here are behind the scenes pix snapped by my assistant Randall Bellows: