Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to get work

If you are like me and you would rather be working than wondering where your next check is going to come from, I'll let you in on my top secret formula:

1. Start remodeling a studio with costs that could crush you and will require daily check ups on contractors who will give you daily homework. I'm at the new studio at least 2 hours, almost every day to answer questions and push and prod.

2. Plan a vacation. This never fails for me! If you really want a big job, plan one somewhere with nonrefundable deposits and no cell phone reception.

3. Pray hard. I don't know about you, but I get the willies some nights and just can't sleep. When I'm wondering how I'm going to make it another month, I pray. With all the expenses of this new studio I find myself asking for help more than ever.

And guess what! This formula has worked this month for sure! Besides shooting two more magazine covers in the last month and an assignment for the Wall Street Journal, I'm in the thick of moving my studio and producing a MONSTER job for Johnson and Johnson. I'm supposed to move into the new studio Saturday and then head off again to sunny California... it's going to be a marathon month of shooting.

The pressure is cookin' and I'm super thankful. I'm thankful for the work and also to have teamed up with two super producers, Bill Anderson of Slanted Eye Productions and Lisa Schrag. Bill has been working around the clock to meet our impossible deadlines for the California leg of this job. Lisa is producing the Colorado shoots.
There is no way I could pull this all off without this fantastic team! Thanks Bill and Lisa!

If I can surface for air, I will try to post pix soon.

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bzibell said...

I like number 3 personally! Excellent work you do! Can't wait to see the completed studio