Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It feels like I've been swimming up stream all day today.  Everything that I've needed to get done has been met with obsticles and diversions.  The smallest tasks that should have taken 10 minutes seemed to explode into 2 hour ordeals.  

By some some freakish accident, I stumbled across a link to an old friend's video blog online.  I don't usually pimp other photographers' work here, but Zack's video seemed to set my day straight.  It starts out slow, but the last 2/3rds what caught me off guard and reminded me of some things that all us creatives need to be retold. You can watch it here.  Thanks Zack.

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KCL said...


I caught Zack's vid through one of my random photo links I browse and wondered why he looked so familiar. Hello! The workshop! That all said, you're right about how great this pieces is. In fact I asked Meg to watch it so I could feel better understood by her.