Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wine and Dinner Party

Hot off the press, 5280 Magazine just published a spread of my photos from a Dinner party we shot in back in June. The editors did a great job laying out the spread and picking just the right imagery to tell the story. We also did our best to let the dinner party "happen" to make it feel natural.

Frasca's Bobby Stuckey poured the wine from Jason Huntley's Washington Waters Winery. This is some seriously tasty wine people! I'm saving a S.W.A.G. bottle for the Thanksgiving holidays! Get some!

Technical Notes: We shot in an 11th story loft downtown Denver that has some amazing natural light. For this shoot, I brought a 4x4' shiny board and several plastic mirrors with Matthews frames and bounced them off the white ceiling from a balcony outside.

Photo Editor: Steffanie Woodward
Art Director: Alese Pickering Becket
Writer: Amanda M. Faison

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