Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gulf Coast Light

I'm in Florida near Tampa to see my good school buddy and artist, Robert Boland, get married to a fantastic gal named Jade on a small island beach called "Pass-a-Grill."

 There is something so great about Coastal Light. I'm reminded of this each time I get the chance to visit the shore. I walked this morning on crunchy shells on the beach. I snapped some frames, drank coffee at sunrise, and wrote in my journal.  Rare downtime.  Played paint ball this morning with some other photo school buddies, including old time amigo Doug Davis.

Jade's grandfather is a WWII war hero.  He has amazing stories and draws crowds around every time he talks.
This is Berto.  He's getting married in an hour.
What is it about these "pay per view" binoculars that are so cool?  I love the face.
This guy is a native.  He showed me which shells are "the good ones" and told me all about Dolphins.  Traveling alone is a great way to meet people, though I miss the Fam.

Berto shows his true colors.
Congrats Robert and Jade!

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