Monday, July 13, 2009

New Portfolio

I've been so busy over the last year that I haven't had the time to get new work into my portfolio. July has been a slower month, so here it is - page by page, my freshly printed book of mostly newer work. The prints are on Red River Double matte pages 12x12 inches in a shiny metallic aluminum cover.

I would love some feedback. Seriously... I want to hear your opinions!
-Is the work consistent?
-Do you have a favorite?
-If people will remember me by my weakest image, which one is it?

Don't just give me fluff... I want some real constructive criticism. I have thick skin, so let me have it... it will only make me stronger. Call me, email me, or comment here.

But if you like it, I'll accept compliments too. Better yet, call me for photography services.


Vanessa McKellar said...

I tried looking for a weak one to no avail. I think they're all really good. My least favorite are the sad teens, maybe because they make me feel sad, and I don't want to feel sad. But maybe therein lies their power- they make me feel something.

Rose Starr said...

I love your work Bryce!

Honestly I don't like the 1st & 3rd photos though...but that's just my preference. I'd rather see faces than backs. They are still great photos and I like the colors and composition.

My favorite photo is the bicyclist in the rain.

Bryce Boyer Photography said...

Thanks Vanessa! The sad teens were meant to invoke a feeling of desperation. The were part of a project I called "Generation Lost." For years I have centered my style around a very stoic and emotionless blank stare. As much as I love that look, it doesn't work much in advertising, so I'm pumping more emotion into my book.