Monday, July 13, 2009

ADCD Annual Show Awards

I was notified that a homemade book I made got into the ADCD Annual Awards Show.

I took a book making class in college and have enjoyed producing my own portfolios and books ever since. This small book was a collection of images from a job I shot for Healing Waters International and Compassion International in the Dominican Republic. I recently re-visited those pictures and felt I had too nice a collection of images to be laid to rest on a hard drive. Besides, a nice coffee table book is a great conversation starter- and I love to talk about getting clean water to third world countries.

The book was printed here at my studio on premium Red River double sided matte paper with an Epson 2400 printer.

One of the annual show judges,Chase Jarvis, recently spoke the the Art Director's Club of Denver about how there has never been a better time for artists to do something personal and creative and self publish it. I can't agree more. Printing this single edition book took up some of my time and materials but it filled a need as an artist to say something with meaning... that's priceless. I hope that my images will cause someone somewhere to become more interested in the worldwide clean water shortage. Get Involved!

Here are some of the pages:

Above are the slums in Villa Duarte where a new water filtration system is helping bring desperately needed clean H2O to families living in deep poverty. Here is an invited peak inside one of the houses. The kitchen in the tin roof shanty is water damaged, but tidy.
Above are some boys playing in the slums and collecting water in buckets.
Baseball is the sport of choice in the D.R. Someone in the USA donated some baseball gear and these kids snatched it up with wide eyes and smiles.
I met this guy on the street with a blue "General Lee" and a USA shirt. Top right is an ad for a photo studio. Note the family commuter vehicle on the right.

These school kids will be directly effected by free water from the water filtration system. Education is key to ending poverty but it's hard to go to school if you are sick.

Above are slices of life and culture in the D.R. Below are Compassion International sponsors meeting their sponsored families and kids for the first time in the houses where the sponsored children live.

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