Friday, June 27, 2008

Boulder Cruisers for Bicycling Magazine

Publish PostI just got this issue of Bicycling Magazine in the mail yesterday.  The shot was for the back "Finish" page.  Highlighted here are participants in a cycling group called the Boulder Cruiser Ride.  These guys are awesome.  They organize fun Thursday night costume bike rides through Boulder. They often have themes, like robots, nerds, and super heros.  Next weeks theme: Red, White, and Cruise.  
When we go there, I was joking about it being a windy day.  We used so many sand bags on the background and scrim that I took a risk and left one head with a 20" beauty dish "un-bagged." 

Sure enough, near the end of a shoot, a front moved in, ripped the 12' white seemless off the stands, and blew over my soft dish light.  Gotta hand it to Dynalite, they make a good product.  Even though the handle was bent into the head, the fan and head still work fine.
My assistant Randall shot this picture (above) right when I was shooting the image that ran.
What a great assignment and what great people.  I love shoots for Bicycling.  Thanks Stacey and Kaitlin!  And thank you Randall for the production stills!

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