Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dual Life "Style" Photography

At the end of last year, I shot a campaign for Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Contacts. The concept revolved around the idea that people who wear contacts have a life "styles" based on wether they are wearing their contacts or their glasses. This was a fun challenge technically in that the faces and attire are shot in two shots and composited into one. Quirky and fun. It's pretty weird to see what people look like with and without glasses in one glance. But add all the product type, logos, and the miles of legal stuff and it's a really cool ad.

You can see the background build here.

Client: Johnson and Johnson
Agency: Integer
Art Director: JB Leach
Stylist: Nicky Lee

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Vanessa McKellar said...

Super cool and fascinating! Very clever ad and I think it will do well for them. Nice job!