Monday, April 20, 2009

In search of the perfect Grip Truck

If you know me, you know I geek out on the idea of the perfect grip truck. For years I have been searching for the right combination of capabilities for my studio. My goal is to have a 4x4 vehicle that can get me and my gear to hard to reach locations as well as to shoots in the city. But there are challenges of finding the perfect truck or van.

If I go 4x4, I sacrifice the gas mileage of a Sprinter Van. If I go with a van, could it get to where I want to go? EarthRoamer and Sportsmobile come close, but are (in my opinion) priced way too high... I don't think $250K is the best choice for this economy. Are you kidding me?

However, I've been talking to a guy named Marc Wassman who is in the beta testing stage of a new camper that comes pretty close, called the XP Camper. The price is more reasonable than the above options.

What also makes the XP Camper attractive to me is that it is removable from a flat bed utility truck. In other words, Marc can attach the camper mount to almost any sizable truck frame and the camper can be removed when you want to leave it behind. This would help a bit with gas mileage when you don't want to haul it around.

The XP Camper is a pop up camper, but it is mostly a hard shell, which is attractive to me for cold weather. Other pop ups are made with fabric that just won't do. My only other concern is if the camper can be configured in a way that would allow for storage for enough equipment. The access door looks a little small and may not be wide enough to get gear in and out. Marc tells me he can arrange the camper to suite my needs.

But for now, this is the best I've seen! Check out these pictures and the link to the XP Camper Website.

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